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The Photographer

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by my portrait site.  I'm so excited to photograph you. 

I end up feeling like my clients are old friends.  Maybe that is something about the amount of FaceTime I spend with their faces on my computer screen! 


Here is a little about me...

My maiden name and married name both start with B. 

I really hate the color purple.  

I have a Masters in Vocal Performance and Musical Theatre from NYU. 

I teach part time in the Music Dance Theatre department of BYU. 

I absolutely think my education and performance experience influences my photos - I've spent lots of time and money learning how to use art to tell a story and how to capture real human emotion. 

I'm a people watcher - I like to observe and can do imitations of just about anyone. 

I have two adorable little boys with my husband Scott. 

I've had the chance to be a part of a newly released book about photography, and to have articles and photos featured on the web, in wedding magazines, and in the Wall Street Journal. 

2015 Tara B Photography